Million Acts of Kindness busIn March of 2013, I introduced you to Bob Votruba, traveling the United States on his campaign to promote One Million Acts of Kindness, currently focusing on bullying and the suicide that sometimes results. This is a worthwhile goal, and one Mr. Votruba is dedicating ten years of his life and his resources to accomplishing. Here is his latest post, an update on how the tour’s  past four years have gone, along with a request.

What if everyone set a goal of performing one act of kindness day? What a difference that would make in this impersonal world. It might even save a life. Will you step up?

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  1. Janet says:

    An act of kindness a day is a great thing and I will pass this on. However, I don’t know anyone in my immediate family, or friends who do not do an act of kindness at least once a day or a few times in a week at least. I know I receive a kind act from my neighbor down the hall sometimes twice a week, but for sure once. As a senior/senior I phone people often to see how life is going for them, especially when I know they have had a bad day or week, or just something very upsetting happens. Also just to talk. I have many widow friends, so some of us share thoughts and kind words often over the phone, or even an e-mail. Once the preliminaries are over with we carry on with general conversation on many topics. These are acts of kindness that are shared. I do know, also, in my church there is a lot of kindness going on that we don’t hear about, but comes to one’s attention somewhere along the way.

  2. Such a good idea! I’m in! Let’s all err on the side of generosity of spirit.

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