I have been contacted by a television executive at an award-winning production company in Los Angeles called Make It Happen Productions. According to company executive Natalie Kaldes, MIHP is currently casting for a television project with a celebrity seeking to help teenagers suffering from bullying. They are looking to identify an individual, preferably eighteen years old and still in high school, willing to talk about his or her experience and who is “interested in working with a World Champion athlete in building confidence through an athletic pursuit.” Currently they are only seeking teens living in California.

I checked out their website at www.mihp.tv and this appears to be a legitimate company, so I am spreading the word. Be sure, however, to do your own research.

If you or any individual you know would like to discuss this opportunity, you can reach executive MIHP, Natalie Kaldes, at 818-981-2327. And if you get the job and wind up being a star because you read it here, please let me know. I’ll have my fingers crossed for you.





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