Oh, woe is me!


My new e-book, Bully at Ambush Corner, was scheduled to be released today and I’ve been gearing up for its launch for a few weeks now, which has meant neglecting the two novels I’m currently revising.

I woke this morning eager, excited, nervous. At last. The big day had arrived, 11/01/11, a day I had chosen for the symmetry of the date, because research told me that a load of other books were not being launched that day, and because a release day early in the week was better than a later weekday. I have no idea whether or not this latter statement is a fact. Sounded good and, gee whiz, I was going to take advantage of every opportunity, real or imagined, to make sure this baby burst into the world like a Roman Candle on the Fourth of July.

I eagerly hopped onto Amazon to get my first look at the book’s listing. So what did I find? This: Your search “bully at ambush corner” did not match any products.

Next, I checked Barnes & Noble and got this: We found 0 results for bully at ambush corner.


I frantically e-mailed my digital publisher to ask what had happened. I got an immediate apology that they had neglected to send the file in on schedule. Since they have been extremely responsive and have done a great job to date, I took a few deep breaths and made a decision. I will not waste my energy turning the air blue with curses. I will, instead, choose to believe that the book is delayed because my original launch day would not have been as successful as the new one.

I know, I know. Turning cacao beans into Godiva. But one thing I have learned after living X number of years (me to know, you to find out) is to recognize what I can and can’t change, and not to waste precious moments agonizing or trying to change the outcome. So . . .

As soon as Bully at Ambush Corner appears on the store sites, I’ll be announcing it loudly and widely. Until then, you’ll have to wait patiently—or impatiently depending on your temperament—and continue to drool with anticipation for the chance to download the book to your reader. I hope your wait is a short one.


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  1. Yahoo for you! This is a timeless topic. Bullies come in all genders, ages, shapes, sizes, and situations. You’ve written this with humor, empathy, specificity, and strong imagery. It will resonate with any child (or adult, for some bullies grow up and continue their behavior) who has ever been bullied. Yet the book also gives insight into how personalities are shaped. This book is great for kids, parents, grandparents, librarians, and anyone else who seeks to understand this topic.

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