Waylong sings "She's Gone Gone Gone" (Click to hear it. It's worth it.))

Daniel said if I ever deceived him, he’d been gone before I could count ten

Well I guess that I didn’t believe him, cause look at the trouble that I’m in

Now he’s gone gone gone gone gone gone and I don’t want to bring him back!

(With apologies and thanks to Waylon)

(She’s Gone Gone Gone lyrics by Waylon Jennings is copyrighted and eLyrics.net is featuring all waylon jennings songs for non-commercial use only.)


In an earlier post named Eek! A Daniel!, I told how I had discovered errors in my published novel, despite painstaking proofreading and editing. Today I checked Amazon to see if the changes had been corrected. Although I couldn’t read the entire novel, I saw that the “is” that should have been “it” had been changed in the early pages, so I’m going to assume all the other typos, brain spazzes, etc., were also corrected. On Amazon at least.

Of course, we all know what it means to assume anything: ass+u+me.

Or perhaps: ass=u+me?


The date of publication, however,  was still wrong, wrong, wrong on Amazon. By 20 years! But BookBaby assured me that it would be corrected immediately.

Barnes & Noble got it right. Well, sort of. They dated it as Halloween, which is not nearly as cool a date as 11/1/11, although the cover does look sort of spooky.

Sony was the only one I found that had it absolutely correct. Way to go, Sony!

At least B & N was close. But twenty years, Amazon?  What’s up with that?

Anyway, I’m thrilled to report that Bully at Ambush Corner is now apparently available on all the various e-readers, although I do not yet know if the corrections have been made anywhere other than Amazon. So Amazon wins in the “replacing fouled-up early versions fast” department, even if they did lose in the “date of pub” department.

And don’t forget, if you have already downloaded the version that contained the typos and brain blips (Bless you with the mightiest of mighty blessings, faithful reader!), you can resync the book for free and get the absolutely perfect (I assume) version of Bully at Ambush Corner. ‘Cuz Daniel’s gone, gone gone!


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