is a resource to help learners gather information and make the best choices for their on-line education. But last week the site listed twenty methods schools are using to combat bullying. Some are extremely innovative, such as incorporating babies into the classroom to encourage compassion. Other include A Thin Line, an iPhone app for people being bullied, and music—using catchy tunes to teach young students about the dangers of bullying.

For the complete listing of the twenty techniques, go to the Online College Courses website. There are some wonderful suggestions there. Eventually, we might not need to teach our children to get in the bully’s face and yell, “F*** YOU, YOU MISCREANT!”

Well, one can always hope.

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  1. Janet Ophus says:

    Babies taming bullies could very well work in some cases; like taking animals (dogs, rabbits, kittens) into nursing homes and seeing the irritable patients calm down in the presence of a snuggly animal. When my youngest was a wee baby, her oldest sister would bring high school friends home to take a peak. They would oo and ah over the crib, ’cause they didn’t have a little sister at home. Their giggling and chatter would almost cease as they looked at this little baby. However, how to make it work with bullies, I don’t know as it is pretty hard to have a baby hanging out in a classroom, or a psychology class for any length of time. I know there is some very smart soul who will have an idea tho’. Hope so. Something has to mend these cruel minds, and stop the viscious circle. First of all, they have to be identified.

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