Today’s post is a potpourri of a couple of items that deserve mention.

GLEE AND BULLYING: The Glee episode called “On My Way” that aired on February 21st, included a bullying subplot in which the football-playing character David Karofsky, portrayed by Max Adler, attempted suicide when it became public that he is gay and the bullying began. There is some controversy about how the plot line shortchanged this story line by including so many other story arcs within the same episode. For one opinion, go to: Inside Pulse.

BULLY, THE MOVIE: Director Lee Hirsch and Harvey Weinstein put their hearts into the upcoming documentary Bully, which seeks to explain the power hold that bullying has over young children. Unfortunately, the Motion Picture Association of American (MPAA) has decided to assign an R-rating to the movie, which is specifically targeted for young people. In the words of Lee Hirsch: “I made BULLY for kids to see – the bullies as well as the bullied. We have to change hearts and minds in order to stop this epidemic, which has scarred countless lives and driven many children to suicide. To capture the stark reality of bullying, we had to capture the way kids act and speak in their everyday lives – and the fact is that kids use profanity. It is heartbreaking that the MPAA, in adhering to a strict limit on certain words, would end up keeping this film from those who need to see it most.”

Apparently the MPAA believes that hearing “f**k” will have a more negative effect on those under seventeen than will being bullied. The movie doesn’t release until March 30, so there’s time for MPAA to change its mind—or let the public change it for them. Tweet @MPAA to tell them to reconsider the BULLY rating.

For information on the movie, go to The Bully Project.

To sign the petition to change the rating, go here.


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  1. Janet Ophus says:

    Bullying starts at maybe grade 4 level, so this movie should be shown to all children thru grade 12 and beyond, and especially to grownups who are in denial that “My lovely, well – behaved, studious child would never bully. He/she has everything he/she needs, and has no reason to illustrate power over another child. Goodness, we even attend church every Sunday”. Wake-up time folks! You can line up with dog owners who are in denial that their well-trained canine “must have been provoked”, when someone reports a mauling, or even death. I am 81 years old and have seen children bullied by parents, teachers, fellow students thru those years. Dogs attack and maim and kill. Bullys do the same, while the parents and owners stand by in denial. Sorry folks, but I get very angry when I hear of such cruelty. The rating of this movie has got to be changed. Kids will see and hear and witness worse than that in their life. COME ON teachers, principals, preachers, police, and especially parents. It could be your child,/grandchild next. Then would the s..t ever hit the fan! .

  2. Karen Coombs says:

    Can tell you feel very strongly about this issue. Thanks for the comment and for being a regular reader.

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