It being Labor Day, a day in which we were supposed to take a break from work, I’m going with a short post today about an  organization for teens called We Stop Hate. Described as an organization designed for “Building a movement of ‘Boppers’ – teens around the world dedicated to ending bullying through raising self-esteem.”

The site has over 100 videos in different categories, including some from celebrities such as Lady Gaga, so teens are bound to find one they can relate to. The prominent message is that teens first need to love themselves as they are. In other words, “BEYOU(tiful).” There is even a section of letters called “Love Yourself” written by teens to themselves.

This looks like a great site for teens. Spread the word. Their name and their message says it all. Definitely a worthwhile goal.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. We at GrindDaily247 wrote a blog on HATE yesterday. Hate is such an unneccessary evil. Anything that can help the victims of hate/bullying is awesome in our eyes. This is a blog we will sure be following with great excitement. Keep up the good work.

    Rob @grinddaily247 #GD247

  2. Karen Coombs says:

    Thanks for the comment. And welcome.

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