Thanks to all the readers who left comments and entered the contest for a free copy of Bully at Ambush Corner. I didn’t get enough entries for a packing crate, but that’s okay. Here’s a photo of the tooled leather box from Africa I used for the contest entries. (No, I haven’t been to Africa, but it was a gift from friends who have.) I’m including it simply so you know I did actually put the names in the box and draw one out–without peeking.

And the winner is–drum roll–Shelley Spencer.

I’ll be getting in touch with Shelley to let her know.

Thanks, again, to those who participated.

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  1. Shelley Spencer says:

    Wow! Thanks so much, Karen! I am really looking forward to reading “Bully at Ambush Corner” and will be adding it to the Curriculum Resource Centre at Trinity Western University Library. And I’m sure the TWU Education students would thank you too if they could!

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