Last week I wrote a post (“‘Down and Dirty’ Rockers Take on Bullying”) about the new EP (“Lessons Well Learned”) being released by the rock band Doug Ratner and the Watchmen. The songs on the EP speak out against bullying and other problems young people encounter in today’s society.

The following day I wrote a follow-up post (“Rockers Against Bullying Get the Boot”) that discussed the controversy surrounding one of the songs: “Bomb in the Backseat.”

A few days ago, the EP was released for download on Amazon. Yesterday Doug wrote to say that “Bomb” had climbed to the #2 position on the list of Amazon’s Hottest Releases in the classic rock genre. That’s great news for the band and gives hope that the positive message they hope to convey will be spread far and wide.

Not knowing the background of the song, some of those who download “Bomb in the Backseat” will no doubt think it promotes violence. Here’s hoping those people also download the entire EP, or at least the companion song to “Bomb,” “Ghost in the Mirror,” which conveys a story arc about a  young man who is bullied and, as a result, goes on to build the bomb in the backseat.

We’re all on this journey together, and kindness will move you farther along the road than will cruelty. Young people need to be aware of the consequences of their cruelty, which is so frighteningly portrayed in “Bomb.” Reaching them through one of their favorite media—music—is effective and might make them stop and think before tormenting a fellow sojourner.

I hope “Lessons Well Learned” sells a ton of copies for Doug Ratner and the Watchmen, who are reaching out to young people and trying to make a positive difference in their world.


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