Since, in addition to raising awareness of bullying, a secondary goal of this blog is to promote my book, BULLY AT AMBUSH CORNER, today I’m indulging that goal by posting a promotional video I made last week, with our dog, Teddy, as the main character. Although the aim of the video is to increase sales of my e-book, there is a definite link to bullying. And, as my book has a touch of humor, so, too, does the video. I hope you enjoy it and will like it, share it, or do whatever you can to increase views.

I believe BULLY AT AMBUSH CORNER is a book that should be read by all middle grade readers. It helps them understand the victims and the bullies alike, touches on being a pacifist, on music, and on family relationships. In one reviewer’s words:  “The book is beautifully written with wonderful descriptions and vivid metaphors. The characters–Rocky’s older pugnacious sister, his friend Mario, a Mexican immigrant who has seen more violence than he cares to remember, Tink who is starved for her parents’ love and approval–are believable and lovable.”

Please watch the video. Like it. Share it. Then buy the book from Amazon by clicking here:  BULLY AT AMBUSH CORNER.

Or at any other digital bookstore of your choice found in the “To Order” tab above.

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  1. Janet Ophus says:

    Karen Coombs writes from her heart bringing laughter, tears, many mixed emotions into this story. She writes with full knowledge of the topic & parents, your children are missing out if they don’t have the story of Rocky & Tink on their bedside table, and/or in their backpack. It is an eye-opener read, and a lesson in being kind and understanding of other’s predicaments .Buy it, read it, and encourage your school and libraries to have it available to the children. I am not young, but I see and read enough to know that bullying is “in”, and we must take it “out” with whatever method is available. You just might be raising one. Take heed, they come in all shapes, size and age!

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