On this Memorial Day, in addition to the fallen and those currently serving the United States around the globe, I honor those military personnel who have endured bullying at the hands of their fellow soldiers. People such as Daniel Chen, about whom I wrote in earlier post called Be All That You Can Be, But Don’t Be Asian. If you missed it, please check it out. He and others like him should not be forgotten on a day we honor our military.

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  1. Janet Ophus says:

    There are too many people on the planet who do not have a conscience. They probably sleep like a (I really don’t know what to relate them to) “person with no conscience” I guess. Some day “they will get theirs”, and it may be much sooner then any of us think. Beware, all you bullies. Keep your head up so you don’t miss a thing. That inclu.des the upper echelon of the military, police force, school systems, boys and girls clubs, inside your own homes. Takes a lot of energy and time and brain drain to ignore and get involved in helping these abused people, but well worth it if you save only one.

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