Bullying.org logoApparently Google has accused bullying.org of inappropriate linking and the organization asked me to remove any links to bullying.org. If you want more information, you can to to the site independently. Ironic that Google seems to be bullying an anti-bullying site.

I received the following from Bullying.org. They are raising money to fight bullying by holding what they hope is their first, annual, family golf tournament at the beautiful Kananaskis Country Golf Course near Banff, Alberta. If you’re lucky enough to live nearby, or are planning to vacation in the area, you might want to think about supporting this worthwhile project. Check out the photos. You can’t have more fun raising money for a worthy cause than playing a course like that. If you can’t make it, think about sending them a few dollars.


Bullying.org News -April 21, 2013

This is the a special edition of our Friends

of Bullying.org News!

“Never doubt that a small

group of thoughtful, committed citizens

can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that

ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Dear Friends of Bullying.org,

Thank you for being a Friend of Bullying.org. This newsletter    is being sent to over 12,000 friends, supporters and partners   of Bullying.org in families, schools, School Boards and Ministries  of Education, Universities, Business, Community   and Government leaders, Media, Bullying Researchers and anti-bullying activists

around the world. If you know of others who are also   committed to working together to more effectively address      the issue of bullying,

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and networks!
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As an educational organization, Bullying.org is proud of the
work that we have been doing for nearly a decade and a half.
Our mission is the prevention of bullying through education   and awareness. We have created and are responsible for    some of the world’s most visited and referenced Websites  about bullying and cyberbullying. Our Websites and related online resources have received millions of visitors and contributors from around the world. These resources take a great deal of timeand thousands of dollars to maintain and  keep “free” to those looking for help, information and support. Of course, nothing is truly free. Time is gladly and regularly committed, but the costs of hosting and maintaining our    online resources is substantial. We try to offset these costs through our in-person presentations, our “Stand-Up to   Bullying” wristband sales and the modest tuition
for our online courses.Maintaining our work is a constant challenge, let alone       trying to move forward or expanding, but each year we  somehow manage, thanks to the support and      encouragement from you, our Friends of Bullying.org!
Sunday, May 19th -A Family Day Golf Tournament for Kids!It gives us great pride to share the news that Mr. Steve Downs
and his colleagues at the stunning Kananaskis Country Golf
Course are planning the first ever, and we hope annual, Family
Golf Tournament for support the work of Bullying.org. We hope
that you can join us! if you can’t join us, please consider
supporting us if you can!For more information, please see
below and/or visit www.kananaskisgolf.com


to Steve Downs and everyone at the beautiful
Kananaskis Country Golf Course,
Bullying.org is so grateful for your support!
You can follow them on Twitter at @KananaskisGolf.

The Twitter hashtag for this event is
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