Oh, woe is me!

The video on this post will be disturbing for some, especially the ending, but it puts a twist on what is happening for many of our young people today, especially lesbian or gay children. When you hear the story of another child who has committed suicide because he or she couldn’t take any more bullying, imagine being the girl in this video. If you’re one of the people who believes God doesn’t make mistakes, remember: they (gay children) were born this way.

(Addendum: In case some people find this video confusing, I’m adding that, to my knowledge, the bullying of straight kids as in the video is not occurring. This video turns this behavior around to show straight people what it must be like to be treated the way the gay children are treated.)


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  1. Alex Yaitanes says:

    hello Karen my name is Alex and i got bullied as a child and am trying to support preventing bullying in anyway i can. Recently I came across this artist CJ Holland who sings this song and has a great video about stopping bullying to go with it i thought i should share this with whoever i could because this kid is awesome for doing this!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OtmKUHQZp8

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