After a great deal of consideration, I have decided that a year is long enough for me to operate this blog. Not that I haven’t enjoyed doing so, but I find I’m not spending enough time on my manuscripts, particularly my new young adult contemporary novel, Sexted!. I have been searching for a way to eke out more time here and there during the week and am saying goodbye  to posting for now.

I didn’t want my blog to be merely a compilation of links to other articles, but wanted to include some original content in each post. That took time. Now, knowing I’ll again have available the extra hours I once spent creating an interesting post, makes me feel pounds lighter. (And, gee, can I use that feeling!) I really don’t know how people who post daily manage it. Amazing. And it’s not as though I’m abandoning an open field. It’s already crowded. There are dozens–perhaps hundreds–of excellent blogs devoted to bullying, so the topic will not be neglected. And should I find a subject I want to discuss, I’ll write a new post, so you likely haven’t heard the last of me.

So, thanks for dropping by. I’ll announce any future posts on Facebook and Twitter. In the meantime, check out some of the other bullying blogs. A simple search will bring up enough to make your head spin.

I’ll close with some links to articles I had hoped to write about and don’t want you to miss. You might also find them worth your time.

The “Be More Than a Bystander” campaign, orchestrated by the nonprofit Advertising Council.

Bullying of a special needs child.

 Bullying girls are arrested.

A disturbing video showing bullying in the workplace.

An article about detecting and preventing workplace bullying.

I’ll close with a video about young people who stood up for someone who needed it—and made a difference. I guarantee you will smile and perhaps shed a tear.

Now, go forth and sow kindness!

That’s an order.

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  1. Janet Ophus says:

    Fairwell dear Karen. You have done a good job promoting this cause, and I wish you good luck as you continue with your stories. Teddy (I presume) is very cute. JMO.

  2. aeisenbe says:

    Will miss reading your blog and sharing thoughts. As always, feel free to comment on my blog as you have been faithfully doing. Thank you for being a team member in the fight against bullying.

    • Karen Coombs says:

      Thanks, Alan, for reading my blog and for the hard work you do on behalf of the bullied. I’ll be checking in regularly.

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